• Please observe social distancing at all times. To ensure that social distancing measures are strictly adhered to, we have staggered the arrival time across our seats. We ask that customers arrive at the specified time to prevent large queues from forming.
  • Our festival site is located next door to the Barn Theatre, in the garden of Ingleside House. please enter through the gate opposite the Beeches Road car park. A member of our Front of House team, who will all be wearing BarnFest t-shirts and masks, will direct you to the festival entrance. If a large number of customers arrive at once, we may ask that you safely queue in front of the Barn Theatre’s main entrance. You will then be escorted to the festival by a member of staff.
  • You will be temperature checked on arrival. using a non-contact sensor We will be unable to admit anyone with a temperature above 37.8 degrees.
  • We ask that all customers wear masks at BarnFest. If you do not have a mask, you can purchase one on arrival. All of our staff are also required to wear masks.
  • Please ensure that you and all members of you party, particularly children, stay within your ticketed box unless visiting the bar or toilets.
  • There is no heating at the venue so please dress accordingly.  If you have a box in the uncovered area you may wish to bring a hat or similar – umbrellas are not permitted during the performance.  
  • We are operating a one-in-one-out policy with our toilets. Please help us to ensure this is followed.

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