The Barn Theatre Cashback scheme is a great way to generate funds for your charity or organisation and have a great night out at the same time.

As an unsubsidised charity we understand how difficult it is for charitable and various volunteer organisations to raise money. Once setup with the Box Office, Bring your colleagues, friends or family to the theatre and for every ticket purchased we will make up to a 20% donation of the total cost into your nominated charity fund.

How does it work?

  1. Contact the Box office to agree the details of your Cashback
  2. Pick a Built By Barn production for you to offer to your friends or members – We will help you pick a date to come to the theatre
  3. Once you’ve offered this to your members, we will raise an invoice for the total number of tickets and send this to you.
  4. 30 days after the performance, we will make a donation to you based on the total value of the invoice.

It’s that simple!


If you’d be interested in our cashback scheme then please complete the below form


Cashback Coordinator: Ben Evans
Call 01285 648255