Barn Academy Blog: Bloggers in my Joggers

8th October 2018


The first blog from Kim Moses, Director of the Barn Academy

What a whirlwind! Two months ago I was living in Stalybridge, just outside of Manchester, with my husband and our dog Pip. Now, we are living in the beautiful town of Cirencester and I am the new director of the Barn Academy, overseeing the educational outreach for the Barn Theatre. What an incredible first few weeks we have had at the Barn Academy. The first Sunday saw lots of new faces through the doors (including my own) as we welcomed students to the new term. I have a great team of teachers around me, Katrina teaching the Barnies, Alex teaching singing, and Darren (also a new face) teaching drama. I’m spending life in my joggers as I fill in as the dance teacher while my hunt continues for our new team member.

During the first week, the students played new drama games, designed to build their confidence and creativity. They also learned some new songs and some dance routines to ‘Grease’, ‘9 to 5′, and Tina Turner – what a blast! Everyone left that Sunday very sweaty having worked so hard, and after I went for a well-earned roast dinner (still in my joggers) at the Golden Cross. (Any recommendations for future Sunday roasts will be gratefully received…)

In the last few weeks the students have learned so much; different songs each week, different drama exercises, and different routines. All the while their focus and dedication is clear, and I have to say they have all made me feel very welcome. They have also welcomed several new students into their midst and it is so exciting to see how much talent the young people of Cirencester and surrounding areas have to offer.  

This last week the Barn Academy had a visit from the extremely talented film, TV and theatre star Layton Williams, who came and gave our students a midweek workshop. Layton put them through their paces in the warm up with star jumps galore and more sit-ups than I could manage. He then taught them a routine from the musical ‘Hairspray’. The atmosphere in the Barn Theatre Studio was electric and our students loved it! Layton sold some of his “slay” t-shirts which were worn with pride the Sunday after! Dressed in my best joggers, I dropped Layton off to the train station, only to find out his train to London was cancelled! So, Layton got to enjoy the delights of Thai Emerald in Cirencester while he waited another hour for the next train! I’m delighted to report he got home safely and loved his time with us at the Barn Academy. We are hoping he will return again to share his talent with us.

We are now starting to rehearse for the ‘We Remember 1918’ concert and ‘Human Poppy’ display on Sunday 11th November, so the next few weeks will involve lots of learning, retaining and rehearsing for this fantastic event. We are all looking forward to it and feel privileged to be involved. Needless to say, I won’t be in my joggers – I’ll be more suitably attired…

Stay tuned for more “Bloggers in my Joggers”…