Blog #3 “Bloggers in my Joggers”

26th November 2018


Wow. Well, what a busy time we have had since half term at the Barn Academy.

We all came back from half term ready and raring to go. The students got straight into rehearsals for their performance at the We Remember 1918 Concert, and our Barnies have been busy learning and rehearsing for their festive performance!

Then, Sunday 11th November was upon us. The Barn Academy met in the morning for another sing through (and yes, I was in my joggers of course), and then they went away to have lunch before meeting back in the Market Place with parents and families in tow for the Human Poppy. I was in the Corn Hall with the Barn Theatre’s brilliant production team, and we were getting everything ready for the evening.

It was then time for the Human Poppy. The Barn Academy, along with 3300+ people, arrived at the Market Place, and created the most fitting commemoration for the centenary of the end of the first World War. It was also record breaking! If you haven’t yet seen the footage, please go to the Barn Theatre website or social media pages. It is truly spectacular and I am so proud of the Academy for also being part of it.

After the thousands of people left the Market Place, it was now time for the concert. With Tweedy the Clown, Daisy May Cooper, and many professional performers ready and waiting, the concert kicked off with a selection of retreats played by Cheltenham’s St Andrew’s Pipes and Drums, after which followed a programme that was full and varied and entertaining. The Barn Academy sang ‘Can You Hear Me?’ In dedication to children affected by war. They also performed this using Sign Language. I was stood in front of our Academy, brimming with pride at how brilliantly they performed. By this point, I was in a dress. Not joggers. Shock!

2 members of the Academy had solos, one performed ‘Where is Love?’ From Oliver, and her voice rang out true and sweet throughout the Corn Hall. Another student recited a letter from a soldier to his father, and delivered the reading with sincerity and truth. Alex (our singing teacher) and Darren (our drama teacher) would have been very proud of these 2 individuals!

The evening wrapped up with a stirring finale which the Barn Academy led, and this was Marta Keen’s ‘Homeward Bound’. The song conjures images of the soldiers, their pride and their courage, and the Barn Academy delivered the song with dignity and grace that was fitting the special occasion. I cried. I was very very very proud of each and everyone of them.

And now, its still go go go! Another performance for the Advent festival, and the build up to the end of term and the festivities! The end of terms means that it’s then PERFORMANCE TERM!! I cannot wait to be exploring Honk! The Musical with our talented young people. I may even treat myself to a new pair of joggers in preparation.

Stay tuned for more “Bloggers in my Joggers”…..