Fringe At The Barn | Tom Neenan – It’s Aways Infinity

18th August 2018


Introducing the second of our Fringe at The Barn acts! 

Tom Neenan will be at The Barn Theatre for Fringe at The Barn on Thursday 13th September.

Tom’s girlfriend has vanished, so he has done what any right-minded man would do and turned his search for her into an “important” piece of multi-character multimedia theatre.

In reality, It’s Always Infinity is a narrative-driven character comedy show about toxic masculinity and the questionable role of the male creator, presented by a version of Tom who sees himself as ‘one of the good guys’ but is anything but.

It combines projection, storytelling and character comedy to tell a story where Tom reveals what an awful person he is.

Tom Neenan’s solo comedy is famed for its inspired characters and fast-paced evocative storytelling.

“Intelligent. Cultured. Literate. I laughed anyway” – Emo Phillips

“Sustained and Consistent Brilliance” – The Guardian

Priority booking is now available for Friends of the Barn. Tickets go on sale Tuesday 21st August.