The Barn is #TheStageAwards Fringe Theatre of The Year!

27th January 2019


“A new theatre is always worth celebrating, but opening one which produces acclaimed musicals and plays, as well as attract national interest within a year of opening is truly special” – The Stage

The Stage Awards celebrate the best of British theatre, including major national and international organisations. 

Humbled that The Stage were championing a small, unsubsidised charity theatre in the Cotswolds, the Barn’s Artistic Director Iwan Lewis thanked “our brilliant community in Cirencester and The Cotswolds for their ongoing support.” and mentioned that the “The Barn Theatre wouldn’t exist without the love, support and generosity of Ian and a Chrissie Carling, the whole team who work tirelessly on a daily basis, and the exquisite talent that has come through our doors; actors, creatives, stage management, technicians, who make the magic happen on our little stage night after night!” 

To theatre-lovers of all ages and all backgrounds, The Barn Theatre is the place to share top-class regional theatre and performing arts education.

Since their opening less than a year ago, the Barn has had five incredible ‘Built By Barn’ productions (The Secret Garden, One Minute, The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, Hound Of The Baskervilles and Just So) Creating a platform for championing young and emerging talent, these productions have given several debuts to Actors, Directors and Designers.

“When it really comes down to it, we are passionate to the point of obsession with the power of theatre and its role in any community. And it saddens me to hear the stories of theatres or community spaces all over the country closing or being converted into a Wetherspoons or simply being knocked down. We – everyone in this incredible industry is paramount to the vitality of this country.”

“Whether it is through our ‘Built By Barn’ productions, our thriving Barn Academy or our community campaigns, such as our World Record-breaking Human Poppy, we will continue to show that theatre is the beating heart of a community and has so many gifts to share.”

The Barn Theatre announce their 2019 season to the public on Tuesday 29th January, with priority booking tickets available to Friends and Members. For more information visit