Michael Morpurgo’s Statement

30th March 2020


Michael Morpurgo – “To all of you who love the Barn. The show must go on!”

“So, all theatres are closing. The wonderful Barn as well. And if we do not do something about it, the Barn may never open again.
This brave little theatre has in just a short time become the cultural hub of Cirencester. Productions have always been varied, inventive, entertaining, dazzling, with wonderful theatre for everyone.
I was there when the new season was launched, every play extraordinary in its own way. I remember how brilliant was the adaptation last year of my book The Butterfly Lion, and this season it was going to be a new play by a young writer, Vicki Berwick, of The Mozart Question. Typical of the Barn it was to be a play made by new young talent.
But that play and all the others are now on hold. A season cut so tragically short will cost about £250,000. So we need your help now, to keep your theatre going until we can open the doors to you all again. The show must go on! Please help it to happen.
All the best to you and the Barn.
See you in Cirencester! At The Mozart Question!
Best wishes,
Sir Michael Morpurgo.”

Please donate to the Barn Theatre by contacting the Barn Theatre box office on 01285 648255 or you can donate online at barntheatre.org.uk