The interactive digital concert where you’re in control of the set list.

The Secret Society of Leading Ladies, provides a new innovative format that allows the viewer to make decisions and control the set list.


The Secret Society of Leading Ladies, which will run from 22 February – 7 March, takes audiences into a world where Musical Theatre characters can co-exist in the same space regardless of era or genre. The concept was created to reward die-hard musical theatre fans, whilst being mould-breaking enough to invite a new audience to discover the world of musical theatre.

Conceived and directed by the Barn Theatre’s Ryan Carter, the event focuses on the archetypes of Female Musical Character, ranging from princesses and dreamers to villains and divas.
Over the course of the concert, the viewer will be presented with 5 ‘Choose Your Player’ screens, which prompts them to decide the character they wish to introduce next. The concert has over 150 combinations for the viewer to choose from. Each character is introduced with a short scene, before taking to the stage to perform a number. The concert closes with a finale that features all 14 characters, providing a chance to get a glimpse at all the characters involved.


Jocasta Almgill 

Lauren Byrne 

Kayla Carter 

Aoife Clesham 

Allie Daniel 

Abbi Hodgson 

Aisha Jawando 

Claudia Kariuki 

Natalie Kassanga 

Emma Kingston 

Kayleigh Mcknight 

Ellie Mitchell 

Jarnéia Richard-Noel 

Kelly Sweeney