Trusts and foundations

Trusts and foundations

We are a registered charity (The Barn Theatre Project). We take our responsibilities to our community very seriously, so we open up opportunities for people of all ages and all backgrounds to…

  • …experience the power of theatre
  • …access top quality performing arts and education

We believe that professional theatre enriches a community, stimulates wellbeing, and activates a thriving economy. Learning and participation are at the heart of the Barn Theatre. We are deeply committed to:

  • Provide performing arts tuition for young people (4-18) of all backgrounds at Barn Academy.
  • Make professional theatre accessible by providing free and subsidised tickets for those facing difficulties (working with local charity partners).
  • Offer Barn Outreach workshops and performances in schools and colleges to nurture collaboration, creativity, confidence and communication skills.
  • Offer Barn Outreach singing workshops and short performances for community groups to bring people together.
  • Inspire and support emerging writing, acting and musical talent.
  • Award scholarships at Barn Academy for talented students unable to afford fees (means tested, by application).
  • Become a training ground, improving employability and creating opportunities for young people in the creative sector.
  • Open up theatre to new audiences, increasing participation for everyone.


We would like to thank these trusts and foundations that support our artistic and education programmes:

The Winstone Trust

The Rowlands Trust

The Blakemore Foundation

The Kipling Society

If you think you can help, please contact Tessa Webb, our Business Development Manager, on 01285 648242 or