Henry V – Reviews

30th May 2019


The Stage – ★★★★:

‘A staging of energy, intelligence and coherence, it’s likely to appeal both to younger as well as more established audience members.’
‘Hal Chambers’ fresh, contemporary and pacy staging of Shakespeare’s play of pageantry and patriotism takes a hard look at the ugliness of war and the futile pursuit of glory’

The Telegraph – ★★★★:

‘Moments of calm amid the visceral frenzy’
‘Finely achieved tug of war between conventionality and artistic daring’
‘Aaron Sidwell’s Harry is a man of the people, living it up amid strobes and pumping techno’

Rewrite This Story –  ★★★★:

‘Aaron Sidwell brings a charisma alongside a darkness to the title role as he charms those around him’
‘The eight strong cast do a fantastic job of keeping their energy extremely high throughout’

Wilts & Glos Standard – ★★★★★:

‘The opening scene leaves you in no doubt as to the modern nature of this production.’
‘The attention to detail and high paced choreography sequences of the fight scenes bring a visceral realism’