Introducing ‘Sarah Louise Hughes’ Sneak Peek

13th June 2018


Sarah Louise Hughes is set to make her professional debut in the title role of LV in The Rise and Fall of Little Voice which opens on July 7th, 2018.

Sarah is a current third-year student at the world-renowned Italia Conti Academy in London and was scouted out by director Michael Strassen. Originally from Carlisle and now living in North London, Sarah spoke to leading arts journalist Terri Paddock about all things theatre, training and the future.


Terri – Little Voice marks your professional debut. Tell us a little about your audition experience. How did you feel when you heard you’d got the role?

Sarah – As it was my first professional audition I was really nervous. For the first round, we had to bring a monologue of our own choice and do a selection of the impressions that I was comfortable with at the time. For the second round, we did some of the scenes from the show and some more of the impressions. Overall I really enjoyed the audition experience as I really felt as if I was able to show everything I wanted to and to get a recall on my first audition I was already shocked. When I got the call to say I had the part I was so excited, I couldn’t actually believe it. Once I did I cried, then went for a celebratory drink!


Terri – LV is, of course, a great impersonator. When did you first learn you had a talent for voices? How have you developed it? What’s the knack to getting a voice right?

 Sarah – I’ve always enjoyed listening to other people’s dialects and trying to mimic them. However, I think taking it to the next level is to practice the sounds over and over again. Pulling each line apart word for word and keep practicing until you sing them the exact same. I think you can hear when your voice matches the singers perfectly and when you do it’s the most satisfying feeling.


Terri – Who are your favourites of the divas that LV impersonates? What other great singers can you impersonate?

Sarah – To be honest I really enjoy listening and impersonating all of the divas and listening to them on repeat is certainly not a chore! My favourites are probably Judy and Marilyn. I’ve always been known for a good Cher impression!


Terri – You’re just finishing your (BA?) degree at Italia Conti. What’s been the highlight of your drama school experience?

Sarah – Yes, I have just completed my three-year Diploma at Conti. I have honestly loved my three years at Conti and wouldn’t change any of it. My highlight was being able to do a Shakespeare production. Which isn’t always a thing that you get to do on a musical theatre course. We performed the Tempest and I played Caliban. After we did the performance in the theatre we toured it round schools, which was an amazing experience watching all the children having such a good time.


The full interview will be released via this week!