On Sunday 11th of November, the community of Cirencester and the Cotswolds are joining together to create the UK’s largest ‘Human Poppy’ in recognition of individual soldiers who lost their lives in the Great War. This event will be followed by a remembrance concert held in the Corn Hall, Cirencester, organised by the Barn Theatre.

CREATION OF THE HUMAN POPPY 2.00pm in the Market Place, Cirencester. 

Men, women and children will represent the fallen; each issued with red, black or green ponchos. They will converge on the Market Place to create the UK’s biggest Human Poppy.

If you would like to be involved in the Human Poppy event on the 11th November, click below to register your interest.


  • For everyone who registers in advance ponchos will be available for collection from Cirencester Town Council Information Centre. Ground Floor, Bingham House, 1 Dyer Street, Cirencester GL7 2NZ.
  • Ponchos will be available on the day for those who want to take part
  • All Sunday signups will adopt the “unknown soldier.”

Sunday November 11th – Creating the Human Poppy

On the Day

11:30 Volunteers arrive.

2:00 Participants go through barriers, collect ponchos and congregate in Red, Green and Black zones

2:45 Everyone briefed in their Zones by leaders, moved into position on Poppy

3:00 Demonstration and practice run

3:15 Go live. Black, Red and Green in 1-minute sequence, wave ponchos

3:20 Exit

WE REMEMBER 1918 – The Concert – 7.30pm in the Corn Hall, Cirencester

The Barn Theatre invites our community to join us for a commemorative spectacular at the Corn Hall, Cirencester to celebrate the end of the First World War on the evening of Armistice Day on Sunday 11th of November at 7.30pm, and on this poignant day, we pay tribute to those that gave so much.

The We Remember 1918 concert is produced by the Barn Theatre. The musical gala will involve large numbers of people of all ages, including professional performers, Barn Academy students and some very special guests, in a stunningly exciting and fitting tribute not to be missed.

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Special thanks to the supporters of WE REMEMBER 1918: